Luxury Hotel in London

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I planned a trip to England to visit my daughter. She had been doing a great job as an au pair, and I knew she would have a great time visiting London with a friend of hers. I booked a hotel in central London and saw it as a perfect opportunity to relax in a luxurious hotel with my friends.

In order to make the trip as comfortable as possible, I booked a king bed room at the Grosvenor House Hotel near Westminster. The hotel has three different restaurants. The London Club is right on Parliament Square. The Great House is in a different part of London, and it is probably the most exclusive. All three rooms were gorgeous, and I was able to enjoy breakfast in my king bed. For dinners, I suggested we do the London Club. When I saw that we would have two people sharing, I asked if I could get a suite with my friends. The hotel was great with the suite, and it didn’t cost me an extra penny. In fact, there was even more space than I had requested.

There were eight people in the group, and I would say there was some pushing and shoving to get to the rooms, but for me it was worth the hassle. We have all traveled for leisure, and that time is one of the most cherished times of my life. I think I could definitely stay at a luxury hotel in the U.S. and not have as much fun. Our time in London was spent sightseeing and relaxing in a nice hotel.

There is nothing like a luxury hotel in the world to make you feel like a celebrity. When my friends went to the London Eye and the Sherlock Holmes museum, they felt as if they were in the front row of a high-end fashion show. And in a hotel with so many luxury amenities and rooms, we felt like we were in our own luxurious hotel. We ordered our breakfast from room service, and it looked delicious. I would stay at a luxury hotel in London in a heartbeat.

I never thought that spending money on a hotel room was extravagant. As I have gotten older, and a little wiser, I have found myself willing to spend a little more to make things special. I love to travel and see the different world. Sometimes I wonder if I was ever wealthy, because I am doing the things that I want. I travel to London with eight friends, and we get to enjoy a luxury hotel and have a wonderful trip.